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I haven't written in a loooooong time. So much has happened since my last post it's not even funny. I finished my sophomore year of college with my AWESOME roommate, and I'm almost at a year with Russell. I finally think I am settling in with who my friends are going to be in my adult life. Friends come and go, but there are those whom you KNOW will always be there. You know you can call them up after 4 months and talk like you hung out yesterday.

This summer is going to be kind of strange, I can already tell. And I KNOW next year is going to be strange. Meg and I are both RA's so we won't be living together. I'm sure we'll be in eachother's rooms all the time though. I'll be writing my senior thesis next year too...weird. I know writing it junior year seems early, but I have to write it in order to direct it my senior year.

Yikes...college is flying by.

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I am so tired and ready to be done with school. I'm already bored with all of my classes...and Carthage...way bored with Carthage. I keep wanting to transfer or change my major or SOMETHING. I hate how the theater department sucks. Maybe I'll take a bunch of night classes next semester...that's kinda different.

On a lighter note...I am absolutely enamored with fall. I can't wait to go home this weekend and have the house to myself. Sit by my fireplace in the dark on my couch with a huge blanket. Be away from the annoying girls in my hall fighting all the time. Eewww...drama. Good thing I could care less about them and their problems.

I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO SUFJAN STEVENS...but I am waaay OK with that...

"I can see a lot of life in you.
I can see a lot of bright in you.
And I think the dress looks nice on you.
I can see a lot of life in you."

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It's 6:30 A.M. right now...I woke up at 5:30. I don't have work today and I have no plans as of now...that's weird...who doesn't have plans by 6:30 A.M. Russell told me to call him whenever I wake up today...but that's just cruel. Ha, I have no idea why I'm up. Probably just because I don't have to be.

Yesterday I drove my sister and some other kids from her school to ISU for speech camp. Russell came with me, so it was a lot less of a chore. I felt like a mom though, dropping off five kids in my Explorer with the luggage thingie on top. Haha. All in all, it was a fun-filled day...even though I was in the car the entire time. It was just nice talking and spending time with Russell, even if I found out some things I didn't necessarily want to know, lol.

Later I went to a pool party at Josh's house. Becky and Todd were there, but not really anyone else I knew until Dorie and Nicole came right before I left. I got a random "I was thinking of you" phonecall from Lizzykins, and it made my night and got me even more excited to go back to school and see everyone!

Going back to school......eeeeeek. It's definitely a lose-lose situation. Or I guess you could say win-win if you are optimistic. I don't want to leave my friends from home, but I want to see my friends from school. I'm really eager to have a schedule that isn't just working.

But when am I gonna grow up? When am I going to stop drinking and going to parties and acting like a 12 year old in any relationship I have? I mean, am I going to come home one summer and just stop? I don't even know if I want that. I guess I'm just thinking about the difference between a college student and an adult...that line seems so blurry. When does that change happen? And when the heck am I gonna stop being so scared and just trust someone.

"It's cool to fake romances and grow up fast."

I'm gonna go work out....cause that's what adults do to blow off some steam.
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I want to go to the beach.........who wants to join me?????
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YUUUUCK. This means I can't be lazy anymore. Crap. I cut the grass for the first time in my life today and didn't lose a limb...so far. I still have to do the front yard but I flooded the engine so I have to wait a little while.

Guin pulled into the parking lot of the new strip club yesterday and the valets tried to steal our car...gross.

We watched Beauty and the Beast last night after a McDonald's run for Richie...am I correct when I say the salads are worse for you than the burgers? Cause I told him that...

Chris' party Saturday was pretty cool even though I left pretty early to go to a kegger in which I was basically passed out the entire time. Boo for Brian's DUI...if he can't come back to Carthage I'm gonna flip. First Theresa, then Rob, then Brian?? NO WAY. People not returning to Carthage suck. That means you, too.

My parents are going away from friday-monday...but now I have a job...so its not gonna be as fun as I thought. But thats ok, party on Friday's still on. No driving home at 8 am to go to church. K? Thx.

hOLy fLAn!!!
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1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what reminds me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
7. Put this in your journal.
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So we all went to Wilmington on Monday and got back Wed. morning. Yay! It was fun! It was so beautiful out, perfect days to be on the beach playing beanbags. But seriously...it's like Survivor. Every year we go and every year pranks are pulled...you never know who to trust! And for some reason, we never prepare pranks...so I think I'm gonna start thinking of ones to do for next year. If you have any awesome prank ideas...let me know!!!

Summer's been pretty fun so far!

Maybe I'll post some pictures later.

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And a survey for me to take and you to read. =P

T h e | B a s i c s | a n d | s t u f f . . .
- Name: Megan Hincks

- Birthplace: Chicago Il
- B-day Month: January
- Current Location: sitting in my dining room
- Eye color: blue
- Hair color: red
- Original Hair Color: red- Height: 5'2
- Righty or Lefty: Righty
- Zodiac sign: capricorn

- Your heritage: Irish baby!
- Shoes you wore today: fuzzy red slippers

- Your weakness: boys paying me to do stuff...haha burritos

- Your strengths: not doing anything and still doing good in school

- Your fears: being alone, never being happy< me too kate
- Your perfect pizza: mmm sausage and green peppers

- Goal you'd like to achieve: be in advertising...in New York...with a hot guy
- Your thoughts first waking up: dude, i'm not giving you my fucking blood...
- Your bedtime: whenever I want
- Your most missed memory: the crazy stuff we used to do with Jeff over spring break
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi

- McDonald's or Burger King: i dont care
- Single or Group dates: Single-
Best friends: kate guin julie becky chard elise sam miriam mike josh brian dorie wayne nicole meg tim timmay brian theresa......yay friends
- Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
- Adidas or Nike: Adidas
- Lipton ice tea or Nestea: Lipton
- Chocolate or Vanilla: choooocolate
-Cappuccino or Coffee: both

- Smoke: when i drink sometimes

- Cuss: yeah
- Sing: all the time

- Take a shower everyday:yes
- Have a crush: possibly...

- Want to go to college: yes. i do go to college
- Where: Carthage

- Like(d) high school: i fucking loved highschool
- Believe in yourself: sometimes.
- Get motion sickness: no....
- Think you're attractive: right now? hell no

- Think you're a health freak: no

- Get along with your parent(s): most of the time
- Like thunderstorms: love them

- Play an instrument: nope.

- Ambition: be successful in what i want to do

- Country/Place you would most like to visit: western Europe...can't wait for Jan.!

I n | t h e | p a s t | m o n t h . . .
- Drank alcohol: possibly

- Smoked: possibly

- Done a drug:no
- Had sex : possibly

- Made out: possibly
- Gone on a date: no

- Gone to the mall: Yes
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
- Eaten sushi: no
- Been on stage: umm...i think so
- Been dumped: no
- Made homemade cookies:yes! and they rocked!

Gone skinny dipping: no
- Dyed your hair: no

- Stolen anything: no
H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes

- If so, was it mixed company: yes

- Been extremely trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes

- Been caught, you know: masturbating??? no...lol

- Been called a tease: i dont know...

- Gotten beaten up: no
- Shoplifted: yes
- Changed who you were to fit in: no
- Age you hope to be married: hmm like 25ish

- Described your dream wedding: too long, if you want to know ask me.
- Thought about how you want to die: yes

s t u f f . . .
- Best eye color: green

- Best hair color: brown? wtf, i dont know

I n | y o u r | l i f e . . .
# of drugs taken illegally: 1

# of people I could trust with my life: prob. like 5

# of CDs that I own: noooo clue
# of piercings:3?

# of tattoos: 1

# of scars on my body: i dunno...like 3

S p e c i f i c s . . .
- What are you most scared of?: being raped

- What are you listening to right now?: the tv in the other room
- Who is the last person that called you?: gary

- How many buddies are online right now?: 30

- How many are away: 18
- What would you change about yourself?: geeze, i dont know...lots of stuff
F a v o r i t e . . .
- Food: anything...i really like guacomole right now....
- Subject(s) in school: GOOD theater classes and religion...i dont know why
- Color: red

- Animal(s): cats i guess

- Sport(s): to watch: football, baseball, cheerleading. to play: soccer, tennis, cheerleading, softball

H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Given anyone a bath?: do babies count?

- Got high?: possibly

- Bungee jumped?: at six flags
- Made yourself throw up?: Yeah
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: like every time i get pulled over
- Pictured your crush naked?: thats creepy
- Actually seen your crush naked?: stop it!
- Cried when someone died?: yes.
- Lied?: yeah
- Fallen for your best friend?: no...possibly

- Been rejected?: yes
- Rejected someone?: yes

- Used someone?: yes
- Done something you regret?: yes

R i g h t | n o w . . .
- Clothes you're wearing: tank top and really skanky shorts...its sooo hot

- Music you're listening to: none
- Time where you are: 1:54
- Annoyance: stupid girls

- Smell: goldrick

L a s t | p e r s o n | y o u . . .
- Touched: i think josh was the last person i touched too kate...

- Hugged: russell

- IM'd: kate

- Yelled at: prob Rosie
- Felt sorry for: gary
- Missed terribly: someone who's far away :(

- Felt loved by: guin
- Spoke to: rosie

- Cried to: gary on the phone
- Cried over: haha, gary

Pe o p l e | A s s o c i a t i o n . . .
(Name the people that you associate with the following words)

- Open minded: julie, guin

- Insecure: gary
- Interesting: theresa

- Random:...theresa and josh

- Attractive: seriously all my friends are like amaaaaaaazingly good looking.<i know kate, we're all so hot - Smart: everyone - Moody: my mom - Healthy: mr mcgahan...haha is that weird? - Difficult: rob - Buffed: richie - Bored easily: me sam and kate right now! - Drunk: russ - Responsible: guin, dorie - Obsessive: hahahahaha.... - Happy: i feel like guin is really happy - Hyper: krystle, sam, kate - Cute: dee...shes so fucking adorable - Violent: julie lol - Unpredictable: miriam. - Drama: matt, russ, alex, and nick...you guys are so gossipy W h o | d o | y o u | w a n t | t o . . . - Slap: jackie - Get really wasted with: wayne and dorie - Look like: naomi watts...shes so hot - Talk to face to face: idina menzel - Talk to indirectly (on the phone, online etc.): i dunno........kate. lol R a n d o m . . . - In the morning I look like: i got run over by a tractor All I need is: my friends love is: ok sometimes i guess - Flowers or candy: Flowers
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What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Guin is your soulmate.
You truly love Gary.
You consider Theresa your true friend.
You know that Becky is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Julie for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Kate is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Meg is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Brian is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Brian changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Liz is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Liz has a hidden internet romance.

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