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And a survey for me to take and you to read. =P T h e | B a s i c s…

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And a survey for me to take and you to read. =P

T h e | B a s i c s | a n d | s t u f f . . .
- Name: Megan Hincks

- Birthplace: Chicago Il
- B-day Month: January
- Current Location: sitting in my dining room
- Eye color: blue
- Hair color: red
- Original Hair Color: red- Height: 5'2
- Righty or Lefty: Righty
- Zodiac sign: capricorn

- Your heritage: Irish baby!
- Shoes you wore today: fuzzy red slippers

- Your weakness: boys paying me to do stuff...haha burritos

- Your strengths: not doing anything and still doing good in school

- Your fears: being alone, never being happy< me too kate
- Your perfect pizza: mmm sausage and green peppers

- Goal you'd like to achieve: be in advertising...in New York...with a hot guy
- Your thoughts first waking up: dude, i'm not giving you my fucking blood...
- Your bedtime: whenever I want
- Your most missed memory: the crazy stuff we used to do with Jeff over spring break
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi

- McDonald's or Burger King: i dont care
- Single or Group dates: Single-
Best friends: kate guin julie becky chard elise sam miriam mike josh brian dorie wayne nicole meg tim timmay brian theresa......yay friends
- Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
- Adidas or Nike: Adidas
- Lipton ice tea or Nestea: Lipton
- Chocolate or Vanilla: choooocolate
-Cappuccino or Coffee: both

- Smoke: when i drink sometimes

- Cuss: yeah
- Sing: all the time

- Take a shower everyday:yes
- Have a crush: possibly...

- Want to go to college: yes. i do go to college
- Where: Carthage

- Like(d) high school: i fucking loved highschool
- Believe in yourself: sometimes.
- Get motion sickness: no....
- Think you're attractive: right now? hell no

- Think you're a health freak: no

- Get along with your parent(s): most of the time
- Like thunderstorms: love them

- Play an instrument: nope.

- Ambition: be successful in what i want to do

- Country/Place you would most like to visit: western Europe...can't wait for Jan.!

I n | t h e | p a s t | m o n t h . . .
- Drank alcohol: possibly

- Smoked: possibly

- Done a drug:no
- Had sex : possibly

- Made out: possibly
- Gone on a date: no

- Gone to the mall: Yes
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
- Eaten sushi: no
- Been on stage: umm...i think so
- Been dumped: no
- Made homemade cookies:yes! and they rocked!

Gone skinny dipping: no
- Dyed your hair: no

- Stolen anything: no
H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes

- If so, was it mixed company: yes

- Been extremely trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes

- Been caught, you know: masturbating??? no...lol

- Been called a tease: i dont know...

- Gotten beaten up: no
- Shoplifted: yes
- Changed who you were to fit in: no
- Age you hope to be married: hmm like 25ish

- Described your dream wedding: too long, if you want to know ask me.
- Thought about how you want to die: yes

s t u f f . . .
- Best eye color: green

- Best hair color: brown? wtf, i dont know

I n | y o u r | l i f e . . .
# of drugs taken illegally: 1

# of people I could trust with my life: prob. like 5

# of CDs that I own: noooo clue
# of piercings:3?

# of tattoos: 1

# of scars on my body: i dunno...like 3

S p e c i f i c s . . .
- What are you most scared of?: being raped

- What are you listening to right now?: the tv in the other room
- Who is the last person that called you?: gary

- How many buddies are online right now?: 30

- How many are away: 18
- What would you change about yourself?: geeze, i dont know...lots of stuff
F a v o r i t e . . .
- Food: anything...i really like guacomole right now....
- Subject(s) in school: GOOD theater classes and religion...i dont know why
- Color: red

- Animal(s): cats i guess

- Sport(s): to watch: football, baseball, cheerleading. to play: soccer, tennis, cheerleading, softball

H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Given anyone a bath?: do babies count?

- Got high?: possibly

- Bungee jumped?: at six flags
- Made yourself throw up?: Yeah
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: like every time i get pulled over
- Pictured your crush naked?: thats creepy
- Actually seen your crush naked?: stop it!
- Cried when someone died?: yes.
- Lied?: yeah
- Fallen for your best friend?: no...possibly

- Been rejected?: yes
- Rejected someone?: yes

- Used someone?: yes
- Done something you regret?: yes

R i g h t | n o w . . .
- Clothes you're wearing: tank top and really skanky shorts...its sooo hot

- Music you're listening to: none
- Time where you are: 1:54
- Annoyance: stupid girls

- Smell: goldrick

L a s t | p e r s o n | y o u . . .
- Touched: i think josh was the last person i touched too kate...

- Hugged: russell

- IM'd: kate

- Yelled at: prob Rosie
- Felt sorry for: gary
- Missed terribly: someone who's far away :(

- Felt loved by: guin
- Spoke to: rosie

- Cried to: gary on the phone
- Cried over: haha, gary

Pe o p l e | A s s o c i a t i o n . . .
(Name the people that you associate with the following words)

- Open minded: julie, guin

- Insecure: gary
- Interesting: theresa

- Random:...theresa and josh

- Attractive: seriously all my friends are like amaaaaaaazingly good looking.<i know kate, we're all so hot - Smart: everyone - Moody: my mom - Healthy: mr mcgahan...haha is that weird? - Difficult: rob - Buffed: richie - Bored easily: me sam and kate right now! - Drunk: russ - Responsible: guin, dorie - Obsessive: hahahahaha.... - Happy: i feel like guin is really happy - Hyper: krystle, sam, kate - Cute: dee...shes so fucking adorable - Violent: julie lol - Unpredictable: miriam. - Drama: matt, russ, alex, and nick...you guys are so gossipy W h o | d o | y o u | w a n t | t o . . . - Slap: jackie - Get really wasted with: wayne and dorie - Look like: naomi watts...shes so hot - Talk to face to face: idina menzel - Talk to indirectly (on the phone, online etc.): i dunno........kate. lol R a n d o m . . . - In the morning I look like: i got run over by a tractor All I need is: my friends love is: ok sometimes i guess - Flowers or candy: Flowers
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On June 6th, 2005 05:29 am (UTC), einzeln commented:
hahahahaha.... yes, montana is quite the interesting place. i also lived in Ft. Worth, TX, and Las Vegas, NV
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