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I got a job

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YUUUUCK. This means I can't be lazy anymore. Crap. I cut the grass for the first time in my life today and didn't lose a limb...so far. I still have to do the front yard but I flooded the engine so I have to wait a little while.

Guin pulled into the parking lot of the new strip club yesterday and the valets tried to steal our car...gross.

We watched Beauty and the Beast last night after a McDonald's run for Richie...am I correct when I say the salads are worse for you than the burgers? Cause I told him that...

Chris' party Saturday was pretty cool even though I left pretty early to go to a kegger in which I was basically passed out the entire time. Boo for Brian's DUI...if he can't come back to Carthage I'm gonna flip. First Theresa, then Rob, then Brian?? NO WAY. People not returning to Carthage suck. That means you, too.

My parents are going away from friday-monday...but now I have a job...so its not gonna be as fun as I thought. But thats ok, party on Friday's still on. No driving home at 8 am to go to church. K? Thx.

hOLy fLAn!!!
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