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I couldn't even remember how to update....

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I haven't written in a loooooong time. So much has happened since my last post it's not even funny. I finished my sophomore year of college with my AWESOME roommate, and I'm almost at a year with Russell. I finally think I am settling in with who my friends are going to be in my adult life. Friends come and go, but there are those whom you KNOW will always be there. You know you can call them up after 4 months and talk like you hung out yesterday.

This summer is going to be kind of strange, I can already tell. And I KNOW next year is going to be strange. Meg and I are both RA's so we won't be living together. I'm sure we'll be in eachother's rooms all the time though. I'll be writing my senior thesis next year too...weird. I know writing it junior year seems early, but I have to write it in order to direct it my senior year.

Yikes...college is flying by.

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